Freedom and Justice



Freedom and Justice

Freedom is the necessity and the essential fundamental right of evolutive and transcendent life. It’s a conscious and self sufficient universal responsibility of our existence, of others and of all living beings. Freedom is not only limited for breathing, eating and existing. It’s also for thinking, feeling, imagining, visioning, dreaming, enjoying, being happy and living. Freedom is living naturally, without banning or limiting, without dogmas or beliefs which can limit physically, materially, morally, sentimentally, censorially, mentally, conceptually or spiritually. The first step towards freedom is to understand, accept, exercise and value this marvelous and indispensable concept for the development and evolution of life..

A tree could grow between two enormous rocks, but will surely die as it has no freedom nor chance of developing. The same happens with intelligence and all of its senses, it cannot accept conceptual limits, orders, dogmas, rules, prejudice or superstition.The essence of intelligence is of infinite evolution which needs freedom to transcend, or it would stop being intelligence, because the life of intelligence is of limitless evolution. Before aspiring to reach and exercise freedom, universal consciousness previously must be developed. The only thing that may prevent, inhibit or deny freedom for oneself and or for others, is ignorance.

Freedom is a physical, material, mental, intellectual and unlimited spiritual state; it’s an act, aptitude, attitude, beginning and end, it’s a need of everyone for everyone. Freedom is evolution and infinite transcendence, it’s for freeing ourselves and others. Who prevents or takes freedom away from others, in consequence shall lose their own. By universal nature, whoever uses his own freedom to take it away from others, commits a serious, irrational and unnatural mistake attempting against the object of his own freedom, because freedom is for man to free himself and for freeing others.

Conclusion: Freedom means to understand it’s object, to transcend universally and infinitely in and for it. We must always remember that the limits we mark or imprison ourselves with, are and will always be the product of our ignorance. All we need for always going further is freedom, and once we are free we need nothing else.

As we occupy a physical body, we are not free of our physiological needs, we can’t stop breathing, eating or sleeping. Since we live in a society that imposes its system with pre-established habits and beliefs, we learn what we are taught, we live as we are told to, and we believe what this society considers best for it’s convenience. Therefore we aren’t free to learn, to be ourselves or to think.

The only freedom we have is inside ourselves, in our interior, in our thoughts. Don’t renounce to your freedom of thought, because if you do, you become nothing in this universe.




Man is incapable of imparting justice, because he lacks criterion and is unable of amending the damage.

Justice is a concept which can be applied and accepted, according to the culture of who or whom have circumstantially conceptualized it. For example: A slave may say his master is fair   because he allows him to sleep, gives him food and does not beat him, and if punished he justifies understanding his master’s in a bad mood. We can find many examples like this all over the world, at many times according to different circumstances of life and different ways of conceptualizing. Another example: A judge judges, accuses and sends an innocent person to jail. Who is a judge to dispose of the body and the moral of who he has accused, to cause him familiar, patrimonial and social damage? How can justice be imparted for this person, not even by putting the judge into jail can the damage caused to his image, time, life and moral be repaired. How can all these losses be repaired, how can the damage be compensated?  It would be impossible. Past and present life is unjust, unequal and unfair in all senses.

Justice in each individual and group, in every attitude and aptitude is love, wisdom, will, right, obligation, reason and understanding of giving, receive and imparting justice. And above all justice is consciousness, it’s a fundamental need of a healthy, civilized, intelligent and human evolutive transcendence.

Justice begins in each individual when he becomes conscious of himself and of others, justice is the indispensable concept that must be exercised to maintain life, matter, intellect, consciousness and spirit in perfect balance with rest of the universe, for them to exist and transcend universally.

Man is incapable of imparting justice, because he lacks of the necessary criterion, and can’t repair the damage caused. Man isn’t free, because to be so, he must develop infinite transcendental consciousness, which he doesn’t even know of it’s existence.

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