Universal LOVE


Love is the beginning and the continuity of Supreme Intelligence, it’s a vibratory sentiment induced by the understanding and needs of the spirit.

Love is not a weakness, it’s the most valuable richness within us, it’s the power which can deal with everything and anything.

When we love, it’s us who emit love, therefore, it’s our capacity of loving which belongs to us. We must not depend on the acts of others to have the capacity of loving. We must not depend on others loving us for us to be able to have love because this sentiment is ours, it’s emitted by us and therefore belongs to us. When we love, the vibration of love comes from within ourselves, it’s our sentiment, our vibration and we must not let that depend on others. When we offer our love to someone, that love doesn’t belong to them, it’s our capacity of loving which we offer to them. That is why to love and be happy loving, we must not depend on the loved person being near us, or of being alive, because love vibrates and beats vibrating in our hearts towards our loved one or ones, and continues even when we haven’t our loved one or ones physically near us, as universal love.

Universal love is better than physical love, it’s ideal love, splendorous like light. It’s in our nature to love and be loved. A person is not limited to have his loved one near, because his heart and his memories allow him to caress who he loves with his mind and heart.

Universal love, is real love, it’s ideal love, it doesn’t need of attributions or activations nor depends on acts or facts coming from others. Universal love is ourselves that love who we love, independently of whether the person or the ideal which we love exists or is about to come, if it’s impossible or is apparently impossible, if he or she has died or is far away from us, if this love is impossible and everyone else is against it, universal love will vibrate through our imagination, thoughts and sentiments emitted from within our heart which shall keep it alive vibrating from within us emitting vibrations towards the highest supreme frequencies of the universe.

We must understand that universal love, is natural love, it does not have to be activated, nor depends on circumstances, because when we love, we love ourselves and everything and everyone contained in the universe.

The Process of Love

The process of Love

The process of love is similar to the process of hatred. Hatred begins with a disagreement or a misunderstanding between two or more people. If this feeling continues to be fed it connects to a negative frequency, if there is no smile or apology; it will remain negative and then hatred begins to develop.

Love is the same, it begins with a liking, an affection or similarities shared by two people. Not necessarily one towards the other, but both in the same direction or towards a shared interest. It begins sharing a common interest, sharing a conversation and then they start to sympathise and likeness begins to grow and extend. If both people share it, it will grow quicker.

There are many types of love: fraternal love, sexual love, material love as well as many others. Natural love is a clear and lucid love between two transparent souls that have not necessarily the need of sexual relations, they just need to be close, feel and transmit love to one and other.

Love is an energy transmitted that renews, feeds illusions and pleasure all the time. It can be transmitted by us to things and from things to us all the time, from plants to us and from us to plants, from a breeze on our face or the sun heating our skin, when we admiring the stars, the sun and the light. This makes us fly with our imagination and have no need to ask for love, it’s not an exchange, its natural. When we emit natural love there is no need of any type of exchange.it flows naturally from us to induced by the scent of a flower, the movement of trees, the light that shines each day or the smile an innocent baby gifts us with.

Love is energy transmitted, it’s life and transcendence. Love begins to be felt with a look or a sigh,  it’s inconsistent, It can diminish at times although it will always be there awaiting, ready to be activated. Love is transmitted and cultivated, when received, it makes all living things vibrate from plants to superior beings, they all share the same love. Love is transparent, it can’t be bought because it’s given without expecting anything in exchange.

We must all understand, there is no need of accumulating anything material because to transcend we do not need them. Why do some take from others what they need to live with? When our body dies we take nothing material with us.The only richness and the only property we take when we leave our body is the love which we have felt, that we have shared, given and developed together with all the good things we have done and all the energy we have transmitted in the name of love. Everything else is left behind when we die, even the body some think is theirs shall be left behind.


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